Our winners

female business owners across Wester Sydney. A big thanks also to Robyn Mathews from Dream Flowers, as well as our band Lazy Drive who were FANTASTIC on the night! The awards weren’t all gloss – each business owner had to take an objective look at her business and provide comprehensive answers in her submission. This […]

Brave Online Summer

Brave SUMMER EDITION Editor Andrea Turner-Boys Assisting Editors Melinda Leyshon – Write Copy Fiona Donnelly – Telopea Services Design WRD Photography  Hilary Nathan Photography www.facebook.com/hilarynathanphotography www.hilarynathanphotography.com.au Kristen Flavell Photography www.kristenflavell.com.au Special Thanks to our Contributors Huge thanks to Mel & Fiona. Some people are a joy to work with and both of you were so […]

Calendar Girls

Come into my Office

Come into my Office… We meet Kristy Green from Contours and Come Train with me We take a peak into the non-traditional office of Personal Trainer, Kristy Green, owner of Contours and Come Train with Me. What do you love about your role? The greatest reward I have is helping people find that inner spark […]

Tech Talks with Trish Fehon

Tech Talk with Trish Fehon Sitting Vs Standing at Work Do you sit at your desk for hours and hours each day? If so it could be damaging your health – it could even be fatal. Lets have a look at the debate between Standing vs Sitting. New research by Melbourne-based Baker IDI Heart and […]

All the Glitz of the 1920’s

All the Glitz of the 1920’s of The Altitude Awards for Women December 2013 As I entered the pre-dinner area of the Fairmont on Friday 13th of December, it was as if I had stepped back in time. Our awesome business community had wholeheartedly thrown themselves into our 1920’s Gatsby theme – everyone looked like […]

You don’t need to be perfect!

Just over twelve months ago, on 28 November 2012, my first book More Money for Shoes was launched. Now writing a book is a big deal for anyone but this book is also a little different. For those of you that haven’t heard of my book, it’s an illustrated, full-colour business book that has been […]

On My Desk

On My Desk Amanda O’Bryan 1. The keyboard is connected to my Mac – it’s my hardest worker and lifeline. 2. My sketchbook for drawing logo concepts, layouts and ideas. I have collected stacks of these over the years. 3. iPad and iPhone are both essential items for web design, keeping in touch, and checking […]

Have you got the commitment, belief and focus to transform your business and your life?

As we flip the calendar page to March, my plans to transform my health and wealth in 2014 are in full swing. It’s a time of adjustment for many people. Many people use the Christmas and New Year holidays to refocus on not only what’s important to them, but to also make plans (or take […]

Natalie Ballard

Let’s meet Natalie from Adams & Parters Penrith… Natalie Ballard is a local Penrith girl working at Adams & Partners Lawyers in Penrith where she has earned
 a reputation as a reliable commercial lawyer driven to gain good results for her clients and is also rumoured to be nicknamed the “smiling assassin” by those on […]