‘Til Death Do Us Part?

How a little advance planning can ease the impact of a divorce by Simone Thomas, Manager – Family Law team, Lamrocks Solicitors. As women, we spend a lot of time planning. We plan our wedding. We plan our weekly schedule. We plan our social activities. We plan family holidays. Some of us – admittedly the […]

Creating Inviting Places in your Home or Place of Business

With so many renovation shows on TV nowadays, you can be fooled into thinking that renovating and changing spaces are a snap. Fancy editing and great camera work does not necessarily reveal the truth about mistakes, workmanship and design which can all be altered through clever technology. So when you are thinking about changing an […]

Portraits – Why Your Family Deserves More Than a ‘Selfie’

With the advent of mobile phones and digital cameras, we are capturing an increasing amount of life’s precious moments while on the move, frantically posting them onto social media sites to share with the world. It’s all so immediate. In our haste, the value of the traditional portrait, and the legacy it leaves behind for […]

The Art Of Looking Natural

I have always loved creating extravagant and dramatic looks using makeup, however, the style that I get sked about the most is how to get a natural, “No Makeup” look. Preferred by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone and Helen Mirren. These women certainly don’t look that way when they wake up each morning. […]