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Sitting Vs Standing at Work

Do you sit at your desk for hours and hours each day? If so it could be damaging your health – it could even be fatal. Lets have a look at the debate between Standing vs Sitting.

New research by Melbourne-based Baker IDI Heart and the Diabetes Institute found that up to 77% of employees time is spent sedentary (sitting) and that during this time the body effectively goes into metabolic shut-down!

They recommend that instead of sitting at our desks, we stand up. The study was called “Stand Up Australia.” In this study they found evidence linking sedentary behaviour with mortality, – even in people who are physically active.

“When we stand our muscles have to contract to stop us falling and those muscle contractions assist the body to take up glucose and use it for energy. The lack of glucose uptake in highly sedentary people is the direct link between a sedentary lifestyle and diabetes. There are also adverse musculoskeletal effects on those who sit for prolonged periods including neck pain and low back pain.”

It’s estimated that we Australians spend about 9.3 hours per day (60%) as sedentary time. Standing at your desk instead of sitting could be an easy way to help change that. We all want to include more exercise in our day, but let’s face it, when we are busy it takes second, third or even worse – last place.

Not that many years ago when I got my first office job (no I’m not going to tell you when that was), work involved standing and walking all day. You couldn’t just phone or email the accounting department, you would walk up the stairs to ask them a question, and you would walk to the filing room or the photocopy room. We walked to the train station in the morning, quite often standing up all the way, then doing the same at the end of the day. Now we have our own filing cabinet at the end of our fingertips in our computers – the same place our accounting dept is located. It’s just two steps away to the printer, the phone is just a slight stretch away, we drive our cars to the office and grumble if we can’t get a parking spot nearby.

ABC 702’s drive-time radio presenter, Richard Glover, has become something of an evangelist for the benefits of standing up at work, and has lost 4kg in three months without changing any other aspect of his lifestyle. “I thought I’d get sore feet, and I thought it would be tiring. Almost straight away I realised that wasn’t the case. I have completely lost that 5 o’clock slump in energy. I feel much more energised now.”

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Stand up desks are becoming more and more popular and most good office furniture stores now carry them. You can also get height adjustable legs from good old Ikea for just $25 each (called Gerton). I’m going to buy these and give it a go. I’ll let you know what I think.

So, Standing vs Sitting – there really is no competition when it comes to better long term health.

Now to the Apps Im loving this month:

TurboScanAppTurboscan $2.99
Quickly scan multipage documents into high-quality PDFs By Piksoft Inc

This app is fantastic; you can scan multipage documents into high-quality PDF’s or Jpeg ‘s – send it to yourself or others or just store it on your phone. It means I no longer need a scanner; it does the job much quicker & easier. I use this app almost everyday for receipts, whiteboard notes, recipes & much more.

For Gmail users:

Boomerang For GmailBoomerang for Gmail – Free & paid versions. If you use and LOVE Gmail like I do. With this app you can:

  • Track responses to any email you send or receive and get a reminder if you don’t get a reply.
  • Recurring Messages; write an email and send it every day, week, month or any interval you choose.
  • Notes; add notes to your Boomerang’ed messages
  • Boomerang Mobile; schedule messages on the go on any smart phone or tablet.
  • Read Receipts; receive a notification about whether an email is opened or if links in the email are clicked.

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Trish Fehon is an online marketing expert whose passion is in helping businesses get more leads from their website. You can follow her in Google+ and on Online Influence’s Facebook Fan Page

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