The raw truth about live food

Raw Food

The raw truth about live food

We’ve heard all the buzz but what, exactly, is raw/live food?

Exactly what it says it is! In the preparation of raw/live food, the food is not heated above 40-degrees Celsius (or 104-degrees Fahrenheit). By not heating the food above this temperature, the enzyme activity, vitamin, mineral, water and oxygen content is retained.

However, I personally see a significant difference between raw and live food.

Raw food, as I mentioned, is not heated above 40 degrees. This includes dishes that have been dehydrated, such as crackers where the water content is reduced. Live food, on the other hand, is food that has not lost its water content and retains the life force, this life force is the energy of the plant as it is growing (or it’s potential to grow, as in nuts and seeds).

So why increase the amount of raw/live food in your lifestyle?

Eating food that retains it’s enzyme activity enables the body to utilise those food enzymes in digestion, instead of our body having to produce it’s own enzymes. This frees up the body’s energy for other functions, such as detoxification and repair. Eating raw/live food also encourages you to eat more seasonal ingredients; when food is consumed in the appropriate seasons you are maximising the nutritional value you take in, naturally increasing the nutrients your body ingests and utilises.

So, what can you eat?

It’s not all about salads! There are crackers, soups, deserts, green smoothies, vegetables, fruits, dips, “cheeses”, sauces, bread, biscuits, cakes, curries, pasta, sprouts and, of course, salads.

When I started consuming more raw/live food I experienced an increase in energy, mental clarity and focus, and a general increase in my well-being. I have also developed a keener sense of taste, as I am not exposed to flavours made from synthetic enhancers, additives , and the like.

Find out more – attend a workshop!

I’ve become so passionate about raw/live food that I now run workshops with my partner, Jannine Brookes. The workshops, introduce raw/live food to participants, explain how you can prepare delicious, quick and easy meals, and show how simple it is introduce to raw/live food into your lifestyle.

These workshops are hands- on, enabling you to make and taste your own creations. All workshop recipes are free of gluten, dairy, soy, additives, preservatives, colours and flavours, eggs and artificial sweeteners.

As Hippocrates says, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.”

Vicki Cook from Inspired change runs regular raw food workshops in Winmalee. The next workshop is the 5th April. For more information contact Vicki on 0407 844 868

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