Have you got the commitment, belief and focus to transform your business and your life?

Lisa Gorman

As we flip the calendar page to March, my plans to transform my health and wealth in 2014 are in full swing.

It’s a time of adjustment for many people. Many people use the Christmas and New Year holidays to refocus on not only what’s important to them, but to also make plans (or take the tentative first steps) towards doing something new or being different in some way.

Letting go of ‘the old way’ is really not as easy as you would hope. Even if you have a clear goal, a sound strategy and a time-framed action plan, our human nature and natural compulsion to stay comfortable and safe acts as a constant tension that can work against achieving our new vision.

So what’s your vision of the new you in 2014? Have you started implementing your change plan? Are you now feeling the discomfort, experiencing the uncertainty or feeling the pain of trying to establish a new habit? Are you wrestling with believing that this really is good for you?

Ask any high-level athlete about what it takes to win gold and they will tell you it takes real commitment, total belief and absolute focus.

When briefing Drew Ginn in 2004 prior to him speaking at a program I was leading in Melbourne (this was six weeks out from his Olympic event with James Tomkins where they went on to win gold in the coxless pairs) I noticed his absolute presence, focus and ability to ask questions that enabled him to really hit the mark in his presentation.

I also discovered that there was a significant personal cost to his high-level achievement. And personal cost versus personal value is something that we all need to consider carefully when setting ourselves a transformational target.

There is no doubt that Drew Ginn and, in fact, most high-performing people are successful because of their genuine commitment, total belief and absolute focus. They also benefit from having trusted people in their life who challenge their commitment, their belief and their capacity to focus on and achieve their goals. They know they can’t do it alone, even though they feel alone a lot of the time.

If you’re really serious about transforming your life or your business but you are concerned that your commitment, belief or focus is less than rock solid, then engage someone to help you think through the challenges.

Don’t let your 2014 aspirational goals deteriorate into something much less, like wishful hopes or a mere pipe dream.

Lisa G Communication
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Lisa Gorman

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