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Let’s meet Women with Altitude Member Fiona from Telopea Services…

I have always been a bit of a ‘wordy nerdy’ – passionate about writing stories and being around storytellers. Originally I trained to be a librarian and went on to manage corporate libraries for years. Moving into sales and promotions with publishers in Sydney and London was a fantastic experience for a book lover and a wonderful window into the publishing world.

I never really imagined working in my own business until
a redundancy in 2011 started me thinking. This was an opportunity to stretch out and be my own boss. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly – as a single parent I needed to be sure that it was a viable option. Once I enrolled in a NEIS course and completed my Cert IV in Small Business Management I could see that there was a future for a business specialising in copywriting and book publicity. Telopea Services was born!

I’ve worked with some fantastic writers in my work as a publicist. It’s been a fascinating experience exploring the promotional opportunities available to self-published authors and helping writers take their books to a wider audience. The copywriting arm of my business is also extremely rewarding. As the owner of a small business, I recognise the importance of good publicity materials and a strong online presence. It’s not easy for people to write glowing recommendations for their own business and this is where I step in.

It’s a privilege to hear my client’s stories and reflect their passion for their business through their website, flyers, press releases, award applications, profiles, social media posts and blogs. New services are being added to Telopea Services all the time – the latest being proofreading, editing and writing freelance magazine articles. I can honestly say that no two days are the same.

Being a solo worker can be a little quiet at times and I’ve found that being a member of Women with Altitude has provided me with wonderful networking opportunities with other local businesswomen. Joining a WWA mentoring group last year was a really positive experience and I would heartily recommend it to any gals starting out in their own business.

I’m passionate about finding the right words and the right tone for each piece of work I do for clients. Every business deserves to have well-worded publicity materials that are clear and engaging, giving them an edge over their competitors and raising their profile in the marketplace. I urge businesses to spend time making sure that they are getting their message across neatly and succinctly – it’s a sure-fire way to drive traffic straight to their door.

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