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Just over twelve months ago, on 28 November 2012, my first book More Money for Shoes was launched.

Now writing a book is a big deal for anyone but this book is also a little different. For those of you that haven’t heard of my book, it’s an illustrated, full-colour business book that has been written for women in business. I talk about my own business, my wardrobe, spanx, my squat legs (yes really) and describe how building a business is just like building a wardrobe.
So, you might say it’s a little bit different.

Now in my other life I’m an accountant that owns a successful accounting and business advisory firm, Accounting & Taxation Advantage (A+TA). Not the most creative profession perhaps. Yet I’ve always tried to push the envelope and have a real crack at being a game- changer in my industry instead of just talking about it.

The problem for me lay exactly three months before that launch date. That’s because there comes a point when you’re writing a book where you need to stop tweaking, stop making changes and press Go to send the book away to be printed. And it’s terrifying.

I remember everything in me wanted to take another week, another look, another read through and to stall that final send-off. Why? Because I wanted it to be perfect.

The problem is it will never be perfect. There will always be a line I could change or a colour I could tweak or an illustration I could adjust. However the cost of collecting all the books that have been distributed, making the changes and reprinting would be exorbitant, not to mention ridiculous.

The same is true for so many business owners or would-be-business-owners that I meet. Sure they might not have written a book but many have incredible ideas of things they want to do within their business – services, products, efficiencies, marketing ideas and more. Or they’re in corporate and dream of changes they can make or jumping ship and creating a business that would run according to their design.

The problem is too often they are waiting for the perfect moment or they are trying to make sure that every duck that they can possibly think of is in a row.

I take a different approach. My rule is that if it seems 80% ready then hit Go. Now I realise that 80% isn’t perfection. For a perfectionist like myself that’s a tough thing to deal with.

The problem is that if you wait for perfection, you’ll be waiting forever. By pressing Go when I’m 80% ready I’ve set up a separate coaching division in my business, set up a second location, created the A+TA Way which is a radically different way of interacting with clients and my team, hired staff, created products, written a book and grown exponentially.

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It has allowed me to implement rather than procrastinate.

What I’ve discovered through dealing with hundreds of business owners over the years is that often the difference between a good business and a great business is the willingness of the business owner to implement new ideas and the courage to create a business that is genuinely different.

Yes you need to plan, budget, analyse and do your research. I’m an accountant so I understand this preliminary work is essential. But often once you’re 80% there it’s simply time to press Go.Like my book, you’ll find things that need to be tweaked, changed and adjusted. But unlike my book, there will usually be the opportunity to make those tweaks, changes and adjustments down the track. What you can’t do is make those changes if you never press Go to begin with.

My question to you as we start to move further into 2014 is: what are you putting off doing in your business because you’re worried it’s not perfect?

Or similarly, what leap are you not taking because you’re worried you’re not good enough?

Sometimes in business and in life once you’ve done all the research, the budgets, the analysing and weighing-up you simply need to have the courage to press Go, knowing you can deal with the 20% along the way.

This year I encourage you to have the courage to be creative, innovative, disruptive and fabulous but most of all I encourage you to press Go.

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