On My Desk

On My Desk

Amanda O’Bryan

Amanda's Desk

1. The keyboard is connected to my Mac – it’s my hardest worker and lifeline.

2. My sketchbook for drawing logo concepts, layouts and ideas. I have collected stacks of these over the years.

3. iPad and iPhone are both essential items for web design, keeping in touch, and checking out new apps.

4. Pens, pencils, markers and paintbrushes. You would be surprised how much I still rely on these for design thinking.

5. Job Bags. Every job gets a job number and a job bag – it’s studio practice 101.

7. Flowers from my garden.

8. Herbal tea and lots of it.

9. Inspiration on my wall.

Amanda's Wall

Above: More inspirational wall
Right: Amanda O’Bryan of Creative Queen Bees


Amanda is a designer, artist, songwriter, singer, mother and all round creative powerhouse specialising in branding and design for small business, Her business Creative Queen Bees is located in the Blue Mountains. www.creativequeenbess.com

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Andrea is a facilitator, trainer and speaker, mentoring women to achieve their goals and growing her network of women whom she believes are ALL inspiring women in their own right. Follow her on her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,and Google+

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