Come into my Office

Come into my Office…

Kristy Green

We meet Kristy Green from
Contours and Come Train with me

We take a peak into the non-traditional office of Personal Trainer, Kristy Green, owner of Contours and Come Train with Me.

What do you love about your role?

The greatest reward I have is helping people find that inner spark to go after a health or fitness goal. I love seeing the progress and change in my clients as they develop.

How did you get into personal training?

I was inspired to move into this field after my mother took ill. Being healthy on the inside is really important for long term health and the physical and psychological benefits that come from being fit create the energy and life force needed to help people live life to the fullest.

Kristy Green

Why do you think some people find it hard to find motivation to exercise?

I think everyone is stretched for time these days. We are involved in three or four times the activities that our older generations did. Often these activities are for others; eg. our kids or work. We tend to put off activities that are for ourselves. If you make yourself the priority and you really want to succeed, you will make it important enough to make sure you train regularly.

Who or What motivates you?

My mum willed me to do my absolute best and love my life, ( she passed away 6 years ago) and my grandmother at the ripe old age of 96 shares wonderful stories from her life. I will also add that my clients inspire me regularly when they achieve important milestones AND my boyfriend when he is in his most relaxed state!

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Kristy Green can be contacted for training 0426 835 812 or visit her in her Penrith gym for women, Contours:

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