Women With Altitude

Andrea Turner-Boys

Founder, Andrea Turner-Boys.

Women with Altitude is a network for working women in Western Sydney and Regional Australia. it’s a community of Inspiring, nurturing and welcoming women and is made up of members from all walks of life. Whether you are a business owner, employee, manager or mum heading back to work – Women with Altitude is a great way to connect

We are dedicated to helping women create sustainable businesses, secure futures and raising the profile of women and their achievements in our regional communities.

Women with Altitude is renowned for its inclusive and accepting nature, with these core values underpinning all that the network is involved in. First started in 2002 by Andrea Turner Boys, whose passion for seeing women succeed led her to seek out other women who were also trying to achieve their goals.

The network soon grew to become a popular avenue for women to connect and learn. Over the next 5 years Women With Altitude expanded from the Blue Mountains and into Penrith, followed by The Hills and Parramatta. By 2009 Like many women, Andrea realised that she had taken on way too much and was feeling stretched and stressed, and so made the difficult decision to close the network down to spend more time with her small family. This was incredibly received by all the women in the network, many who are mums themselves and Andrea was humbled by the support she received.

TIME FOR A CHANGE!  One thing always guaranteed in life is change and due to the sale of her business Andrea has found herself in a situation where she has re-opened this much loved network. In December 2011 the network was relaunched, with many familiar faces and just as many new women, who had heard great things about the women from this region- Hooray!

If you’re reading this and would like to be inspired and share with like minded women, Andrea welcomes you to come and connect with dynamic and energetic women at any of our events. You will be very welcome and we look forward to meeting you!

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